Challenge #4: Parsing Transactions

For this challenge, we want to parse transaction information that comes in line by line as a string.


The flow should extract the date as well as a transaction summary consisting of action count, withdrawal_total, deposit_total, and transaction balance

For example, the first line should be transformed as follows

2019-12-01 TRX -2,3,-1,3,5

Use start.dfl (6.8 KB) to get started

I’d like to share two distinct approaches to solving the challenge.

The via_steps.dfl (29.2 KB) solution focuses on utilizing a sequence of steps.

The via_expressions.dfl (13.0 KB) solution focuses on utilizing expressions in a single calculator steps.

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 19.32.15

Both approaches are explained in the solution screencast:

Fast forward to here for the discussion of the expression based solution.